There are many hotels and inns in North Yorkshire. The number of tourists is growing every year as they want to spend some time away from the city crowd. As a result, the hotel industry is booming here. If you offer accommodation in North Yorkshire, then you can advertise on our magazine.

Thousands of tourists and others interested in learning about North Yorkshire read our magazine. If your target customers are these tourists, then you can get very good results from our advertising options.

We offer different kinds of advertisements so that clients can choose a suitable one. Banner ads, product reviews, social media ads, and newsletter ads are some of the services on offer.

Banner Ads

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If you want more traffic to your site so that you can make an effort to convert the leads to customers, then you should choose this option. You can create banner ads of various sizes and even choose the placing of the ad on the magazine.

Your budget will indicate how long you can run the ad for. You can provide the content and the graphics for the ad, and our team can create a suitable ad for you.

Product Reviews

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If you want customers to trust your product, then product reviews are the best option. As we are a popular magazine in the niche, prospective customers will trust our reviews. They will decide whether to buy your product or service based on our reviews.

Newsletter Ads

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We send monthly newsletters to our readers. Our newsletter contains interesting articles about accommodation and places of interest in North Yorkshire. You can place your ad here as well. The readers regularly read the newsletter in search of discounts or special offers. So, there is a high chance that they will spot your ad.

Social Media Ads

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As most people are now active on social media, it is the easiest way to reach your target customers. We can create and post social media ads of your establishment on our social networks. Due to word of mouth, your ad may become viral, and you may attract lots of customers.

These advertisements are prepared by our expert team. We make sure that you send the right message to prospective customers so that they are encouraged to book accommodation or visit your establishment.